Mette Maria Terp – Ambassador

Mette Maria Terp is a Serial Entrepreneur and currently the Founder and CEO of Beautybase, a Beauty Tech company helping salons selling their hair products in an innovative way. She started her career with her first company at age 19 importing and growing the market for hair extensions in Denmark.

Kirsten Lynggaard

Kirsten Lynggaard is mental teacher and helps her clients through the mantra she has been living by herself in many years: “Transform your thoughts, transform your life.” Furthermore, she is a dedicated optimist and motivator, which is also shown through her social media presence.

Kristine Birka – webdesign & online marketing

Kristine Birka started her first company in 2009 as a partner in a smaller advertising agency. Today she has gone solo and has dedicated her work to help companies within the beauty industry getting more customers by visual branding and online marketing. In addition to that, she runs her own blog, where other female […]

Amalie Frøkjær-Rubbås – journalist, life- & business coach

Amalie Frøkjær-Rubbås is a journalist and life- and business coach. She started her own marketing- and coaching business, SoMeSoYou in 2017 and primarily helps coaches promote themselves on Social Media. Furthermore she runs the blog Mit Uperfekte År where she writes about sex, heartbreak, depression and finding your way.